I attended Andy Parsons’ course, “LBP: Are You Using the Best Practice” and found it to be beneficial to my practice as a PT in many ways. He gave real case scenarios that he has encountered, was able identify and isolate causes, and determine proper treatment on the ever- complicated lower back. His presentation, handouts, knowledge, and live examples were significantly helpful in understanding the complexity of this subject. I have incorporated many of his ideas into my practice.
— Rachel G., PT
This motivates one to immediately implement evidence-based practice for all my patients!
Andy Parson’s LBP lecture isn’t just your ordinary LBP presentation. It isn’t filled with boring statistics or information that overwhelms you. He presents relevant statistics and practical information that teaches and informs you about clinically practical ways to diagnose and treat patients with LBP by following the Clinical Practice Guidelines. Andy does a great job keeping interacting with the audience and keeping them attentive. There isn’t a dull moment that will cause you to want to get up and leave, dose off, or play on your phone. However, I do suggest having your phones ready to tweet about all the great information he gives you in this 4 hr lecture.
— Justin Rice, PT, DPT, CSCS
Andy was a good speaker, entertaining, and kept everyone’s attention!
Seeing Andy was the best. He listened, he supported me, he pushed me to my limit. If I hurt, he changed the exercise. To date, I can now go up & down stairs. I thought I would never get down on the floor (now I can!) He has helped my back too (I have calcium build up). The exercise he chose helped the pain. I feel like a new person! I even cried because I am so happy.
— Linda F.
It [vertigo] was causing me discomfort no matter what I did... Andy Parsons, PT, DPT treated me. The first time he did; it was ok for a couple months... It came back and Andy knew what to do... its been 3 months now and I’m doing fine..
— Janet E.